Cluster Yachting Monaco: The 21st Century Uber Luxury Client – Insights from Practice and Research

After a first edition in 2021, where over 150 UHNWI professionals joined an exclusive event about the UHNWI Customer Journey online and offline at the Monaco Yacht Club, Cluster Yachting Monaco launched a second edition with the International University of Monaco, on 27th of June at the Monaco Yacht club, The topic focused on The 21st Century Uber Luxury Client – Insights from practice and research. The zoom recording of the event is available online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2puLaqv5bK4

Welcome Speech was presented by Dr. Jean-Philippe MULLER, General Director of International University of Monaco and then there was a presentation of 2022 actions of the Cluster Yachting Monaco by Edouard Mousny, Vice-President, Cluster Yachting Monaco.  Charlotte Hogarth-Jones, features director & interiors editor, BOAT International talked about What matters most to the UHNWI – why traditional marketing will not work anymore. This was followed by Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus and Dr. Annalisa Tarquini-Poli, from the International University of Monaco, who discussed “How to engage wealthy clients looking at two case studies: Chiara Mascarucci, Co-founder of Blind Experiences and Tom Marchant, Owner, and Co-Founder of Black Tomato

The presenters then looked at the challenges and opportunities for managing the UHNWI Customer
Experience, and gave insights from the frontline and then a panel discussion moderated by Charlotte Hogarth-Jones included Alexander Staartjes, Head of Prestige Ecosystem, Pernod Ricard, Raphael Sauleau, CEO, Fraser Yachts, Elisa Puleo, Area Director of Food & Beverage for Southern Europe, Belmond.

Some of the key takeaways from the event were:

  • Clients are getting younger and even more experiential focused
  • The luxury of what is offered lies not just in the products and the experiences but in the level of service provided.
  • Client profiles by nationality or even generation – may not be relevant because for the most part, when clients are making key decisions, they are involving all the family which is often cross-cultural and multi nationalities ultimately, and ultimately, they all want the same fundamental experience together.
  • When can you say the job is done, and leave your client to proceed with their yachting by themselves? NEVER. The real value of your added-value is in ALWAYS being there for when they need you.
  • The value of education - with so many UHNWIs coming to yachts and yachting for the very first time, your ability to share all that is possible for your clients and then be able to facilitate that for them is precisely what will ensure they not only start making memories that last a lifetime...but they will come back to you to create new one’s time and time again.

The conclusions reached set out a Road map 2023 Mark challenge, Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting: and were presented by Edouard Mousny, Vice-President, Cluster Yachting Monaco, Claudia Batthyany, ‘Monaco’ Capital of Advanced Yachting and Dr. Annalisa Tarquini-Poli, International University of Monaco.

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