Clearvac Group offers new Air Purification Solutions to their services

The Clearvac Group and Clearvac Engineering Asia are proud to announce our partnership with Vikand Technology, enabling us to offer clients green, FDA approved Air Purification services.

The Hygensea Odorox® solution utilizes proprietary technology & industry-specific experience to provide measurable results enabling businesses and individuals to operate in cleaner and healthier environments. Hygensea Odorox® solution is the most advanced solution for eliminating odours, decontaminating surfaces and purifying the air. Hydroxyl generators mimic Nature’s naturally occurring process for cleaning and purifying our atmosphere. The system proactively and continuously removes mould, odours, fumes viruses, and bacteria on surfaces and in the air through a natural, patented and FDA approved technology.

Hygensea Odorox® uses seamless solutions that integrate technical and operational expertise to deliver results by purifying the air and surfaces destroying active moulds, reducing odours, removing pathogens, eliminating allergens and VOC’s. Odorox® technology removes contaminants without producing harmful by-products or materials that require further treatment or disposal. Unlike other treatments such as foggers, harsh chemicals and conventional methods, our technology is safe for people, animals, rubber, plastic, vinyl, electronics and other sensitive materials. Treatment removes odour-causing compounds as well as, but not limited to, the following:

Hydrogen Sulfide, Alcohols, Ketones, Chlorine Ammonia, Sulfur Dioxide, Butyric Acids, Carboxylic Acids, Sketoles, Dimethyl Sulfide.

Multiple industries have installed this technology. Our small footprint includes, but is not limited to the following:
Marine, Breweries, Recycling Facilities, Chemical Manufacturing, Waste Water/Sewage Treatment Plants, Oil Petrochemical Refineries, Pulp & Paper Mills, Hospitals/Doctors’ Offices/Medical Laboratories, Senior Care/Day Care Facilities, Ambulance, Fitness Centres, Residential.

Clearvac Engineering Asia provides multiply services to all marine operators, Super Yachts, Cruise Ships, Oil & Gas and the Offshore sector. This includes Air Hygiene (HVACR), Waste Water Services, Tank Cleaning, Marine Engineering and Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning.

Clearvac Engineering Asia services clients throughout the Australasian region from its HQ in Phuket Boat Lagoon, Thailand.

Air Hygiene

Clearvac offer a wide variety of Air Hygiene services to any number of ventilation systems. Carrying out these services are crucial to ensuring the systems are compliant with current Health & Safety, Industry Standard, Insurance Guidance and Regulations, keeping any air supplied to an occupied area to a compliant standard. In the case of the extract systems ensuring that any fire hazards are removed and providing a Clearvac certification for insurance purposes.

Our services include:

  • Galley Ductwork Cleaning - Grease removal & neutralisation of re hazard
  • Air Hygiene Risk Assessments - Evaluation of hygiene within supply & extract ducted systems
  • Ventilation Cleaning - Ensuring good indoor air quality is achieved for occupants of area served
  • Ozone Treatment - Eliminating Viruses, Bacteria’s, Mould and Odours
  • Disinfection Services - Keep microbiological growth to a minimum on all supply systems
  • Analytical Sampling - Carried out to ascertain hygiene levels from within ductwork
  • System Compliance - Following the above mentioned Air Hygiene services, appropriate certification is presented to conform with current industry standards

Fire Risk Removal

A Galley Extract System lined with grease not only creates the perfect environment for bacteria, but also increases the risk of fire. Health & Safety industry standards require regular cleaning of the systems.

Clearvac engineers will access the duct work via existing access doors or by installing approved ones. After a non-corrosive degreaser is applied, the grease will be removed by a combination of steam, scraping, scrubbing & wiping. Hard to access areas are cleaned with rotary brushing cable fitted with special nylon coated wire heads. The galley extract fan will be removed (if possible), disassembled and cleaned.

A laundry extract duct clogged with dust & fluff doesn’t allow the dryers to extract hot air efficiently. Worse still, an overheated dryer can lead to a fire. Once dust & fluff is removed from the dryers, Clearvac engineers will access the duct work which will be cleaned along its length as far as it’s outlet to the extractor. An auxiliary portable extractor will be fitted at the outlet of the ducting which will help remove debris.

On completion of the works, along with a full photographic report of before and after condition, a certificate for compliance will be issued.

Fresh Water Pipework De-scaling

Delivering clean uncontaminated water to all facilities.

Lime or other salts are found in almost all water in their dissolved forms and it is lime scale which is responsible for hard water.

Depending on the amount of lime/calcium carbonate, dissolved carbonic acid and the temperature of the water, the minerals precipitate and start to crystallise, leaving deposits on surface areas. The deposits can reduce heat transfer in heat exchangers and lower the efficiency of the heating installation/cooling system quite significantly. Increased pressure loss and decreased ow rates are other symptoms associated with lime scale in a hot water boiler.

Build-up of calcium in pipes and plumbing fittings can cause them to clog, rendering them partially or totally dysfunctional. If the water has a high mineral content, it will take less than a month for the calcium deposits to build up in and around the pipes and plumbing fittings. Thus, the importance of cleaning the plumbing fittings and other pipes regularly cannot be over emphasised.

Clearvac’s service provides both restriction free pipework and removes contaminants.

Black Water Services

The Clearvac method of de-scaling: Applying a unique, non-hazardous product paired with a specific non-intrusive procedure (determined by the Clearvac team specified by vessel size, time scale and job scope), Clearvac will effectively remove all hard scale deposits and return pipework back to new condition. The service will not affect business or sailing conditions and the vacuum system will be fully operational at all times. There will be no disruption to passengers or crew.

Recommended by Evac.

Grey Water Services

Clearvac Engineering Asia service all Grey Water drainage systems with our newly formulated product; Eco Drain-away is a fast acting non corrosive drain cleaner which causes rapid decomposition of any organic waste matter. Eco Drain- away can be used on all Grey Water gravity systems such as accommodation & galley drainage, preventing health & safety issues and potential down time.

  • Rapidly decomposes organic & waste matter
  • Accommodation Grey Water
  • Galley Grey Water
  • Limited disruption

Tank Cleaning

Clearvac offer cleaning services of all Tanks, including Fuel Tanks, Black Tanks, Grey Tanks, Sludge Tanks, Freshwater Tanks and Ballast Tanks. We also offer disposal of any waste product during this process.

Marine Engineering

- Main Engines & Generators - Anodes - Plumbing & Pipework - Trim Tabs - Valves - Steering & Rudders - Shaft & Propeller Works - Stabilisers - Pumps - Fans - Air Compressors - Anchor Systems - Fuel Tank & Fuel System Repairs - Cranes & Davits - Hydraulics - Welding & Fabrication - Outboard Engines - Jet Skis - Haul Outs - Project Management.

For enquires contact Rob ‘Doc’ Taylor: salesasia@clearvacinternational.com I +66 989 655 388 / +66 935 802 588
www.clearvacinternational.com I www.facebook.com/clearvacengineeringasia

By  Clearvac Engineering Asia

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