Chairman's Message January 2021

This is APSA’s 10th anniversary and in the last 10 years we have seen a huge upswing in the business of yachting in Asia fueled by many yachts visiting from the West and a large swell of domestic demand. Due to us being unable to have a big birthday party, we decided to start the year with a series of webinars to highlight the Asia-Pacific region, and let people from all around the world understand this cruising circuit over here.

We adopted a simple webinar format with the concept of a superyacht M/Y APSA cruising around the Asia pacific region. The APSA Grand Tour Series started in New Zealand, with our virtual m/y APSA voyaged over to Australia and then up to Papua New Guinea. The second session started in Japan, cruised down to Taiwan, and onto Hong Kong. The third and final session, started in Thailand, moved down to Singapore and finished in Indonesia, completing one of the many circuits of the Asia-Pacific cruising area.

As you can see from our various panelist over the last few weeks , and what APSA has tried to show, is that in terms of infrastructure, destinations, support, transport and supplies, there is a year-round cruising circuit in the Asia-Pacific region which is arguably equal to and easier than the more mainstream cruising circuits in Europe and Americas.

Of course, these nine countries only offer only a fraction of the cruising available in this region (which is why the yachts that come here come back again and again), so in the future we will be adding more episodes to the APSA Grand Tour, including the South Pacific Swing and Indian Ocean Adventure. Onwards we plan to build on the APSA webinar concept with episodes for Asia Pacific Superyacht Brokerage, Asia Pacific Repair and Refit, Asia Pacific Charter, and lots more.  Basically, anything you want or need in the Asia-Pacific region can be supplied by at least one of our members. APSA is here to help members do business and or connect with Asia from a superyacht perspective.

The webinars have proved to be popular and were extremely well subscribed, and engaged a global audience and if you did miss them then recordings are on the ASPA website. Please give us your feedback.

This is a bumper newsletter with a number of updates and news posts from our members, and I would also like to welcome two new members. Marevisio and Azure Yacht Crew Health.

Marevisio was founded by Godfrey Zwygart who is based in Hainan, China. Marevisio is focused on design and development of high-class international yacht marinas in Asia, superyachts management and supervision, as well as staff and crew training for superyachts.

Azure Yacht Crew Health was founded by yachting professionals and is providing one of the most modern and comprehensive global health insurance packages designed and built from the ground up purely for professional superyacht crew.

A great start for 2021 and Happy Birthday APSA!

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