Beran Island: Diving, Fishing and Surfing

Starting in 2023 Beran Island will be open 12 months a year offering diving and sport fishing holidays. Indies Trader Marine Adventures are in the process of structuring these packages but have the schedule open and are happy to take bookings. Both the diving and fishing at the island are world class and the Indies Trader team cannot wait to show the world. To find out more about the packages head here.

 MV Indies Trader lll

The mighty Indies Trader lll is freshly splashed from dry dock in Jakarta where she was under the watchful eye of Walker Daly getting a fresh layer of antifoul and assorted small jobs that required the vessel to be out of the water. The 2023 bookings are closed off but 2024 is now open to the public if you would like to secure a charter on the world’s best surf charter vessel, please just connect with us here and we will jump on a call and run you through the remaining 2024 charters.

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