Bali and Indonesia finally start to Re-Open!

Catalano Shipping Services (CSS) Indonesia are reporting a sharp rebound in inbound vessels as Indonesia re-opens their visa system, airports and ports.

"We've been working closely with the government departments to assist the process of reopening the sea borders and visas." reports GM Miranda Hebert "It has been a tough process but we are happy to report that things are finally moving ahead. We have quite a few inbound vessels over the next few months and we hope the upward trend continues."

The big news is that guests can now quarantine in Bali as opposed to Jakarta with domestic - and soon international - routes re-opening. The Quarantine period of 8 days remains one of the most attractive around. However, CSS are piloting an even better solution for yachts.

"We wrote a full Quarantine on Board program and took it to the Board of Tourism and they loved it," says CSS MD Richard Lofthouse "It took on a life of its own and has been seen all the way to the top and greeted with enthusiasm as a key step forward. We always believed marine tourism was the future and, it seems, so do they."

The Quarantine on Board program is yet to be green-lighted but it makes provision for guests and owners to land and go directly to the boat and complete their Quarantine period there. For a vast destination like Indonesia, this would be a real bonus should it go ahead.

"It is looking good so far" says Lofthouse, "but it is up to the government to move things forward at their own pace. All we can do is present options and do the legwork. It is a fantastic opportunity and I know of a great many owners who we act for who will jump on it as soon as it goes ahead. Watch this space!"

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