Introducing AZURE FLEET, a brand-new professional yacht crew medical insurance plan designed for crew management companies and crew payroll providers. With AZURE FLEET, you can add as many crews as you want to any of three AZURE comprehensive health plans. Different crew from different yachts (or the same yacht) can be on different plans within your FLEET. 

From a minimum of 25 managed crew (no matter how many yachts) AZURE FLEET will enable managers and payroll companies to have all crew across their entire FLEET on one single platform where crew medical insurance plans, claims and information can be managed at the touch of a button. AZURE FLEET allows managers and payroll companies to provide group insurance with discounts at 25, 50, 100 and 200 crew and there is no maximum amount of crew in one group.

A payroll company’s FLEET can be sub-divided between Europe and the Caribbean/USA to accommodate US national crew, French social security requirements and facilitate payments in Euros or US Dollars. A FLEET is determined by all yachts/crew being entirely under one payroll company (or under a yacht management company that provides payroll service).

Contact us for more details of our comprehensive plans and to sign up with AZURE FLEET.


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