AZURE | YACHT CREW HEALTH for Asia based yacht crews.

The AZURE team that provide health, disability and accident insurance for yacht crews around the world, have signed up a slew of large yachts through the APAC region in the last six months.

Co-Owner of Azure, Claire Murray French who is an ex-purser on large yachts herself, reports that an 80 meter, a 70 meter, a 60 meter and a 40 meter all based in New Zealand in the last six months have joined the AZURE fleet to cover their crew comprehensively worldwide. In addition, a 84 meter and 65 meter yacht which are cruising in Australia have also joined, the fleet which includes other Asia based yachts in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore that are all working with and covered by AZURE.

Claire Murray French goes on to mention “Asia is a really good market for us and one where our global product fits really easily. Crew are able to use the insurance in every country in Asia as well as Europe and America, and even when they are in between jobs and travelling.

“We offer a more comprehensive medical plan for a more cost effective price point and with much better service than our competitors. We regularly work with P&C (Property & Casualty) insurers –  the companies that provide Hull and P&I insurance – and we can make our product part of their overall package for a yacht for a more seamless experience for the yacht crew, captain, owner and/or management. Every crewmember has an app on their phone where they can access their health policy at the push of a button and Captains and Managers can access their entire crew or entire fleet as needed to keep tabs on all crew members wellbeing.”

Steve Beck, AZURES COO and Chief Under writer adds “We are now adding the ability for management companies to build their health insurance portfolio for their entire fleet under one large blanket policy, adding and removing crew as needed from their central hub. It’s simple and cuts down on time and expense of multiple billing and multiple accounts.  We are bringing Crew Health and Wellbeing into the future of yachting.”

AZURE was the first yacht crew health insurer in the world to make notice to all its crew that they were fully covered for any Covid related sickness, and they did this in the first quarter of 2020, a good 6 to 8 months before any other medical insurance provider for yacht crews. Claire Murray French continues, “We are a dynamic company with access to the big insurance underwriters. We can force change quickly in our policies, we don’t need to spend month procrastinating about it and leaving our yacht crews in the dark. They work hard and they deserve good protection. As ex-mega yacht crew ourselves, we have been there, seen it and done it. We understand and speak the crew language.”

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