Azimut|Benetti Group Shines in the Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific Area continues to play a strategic role in terms of Azimut|Benetti Group sales. Thanks to its longstanding presence in key countries in the area, the company has an excellent reputation and unparalleled reach across the region.  Reporting total sales worth over 150 million euros (the two brands’ results for the last 12 months), the Group is a top performer in the superyacht arena, as despite the complexities caused by the global pandemic, Azimut|Benetti has put in a particularly good performance, reporting a 10% increase on the results posted for Asia last season with Benetti alone nearly doubling the number of units sold.

Azimut Yachts has sold and delivered eight yachts in the brand’s flagship Grande Collection (four 32 Metri, two 27 Metri and two 25 Metri) with 5 more units in the same Collection in delivery within the next six months; while Benetti has sold five units. Hong Kong, Singapore, mainland China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, are all helping to drive the orders for yachts over 24 metres, a segment of the market where the Group excels worldwide.

Marine Italia, the dealer for Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong and Taiwan has spearheaded the sale of Azimut Yachts those regions while the new Australian dealer D’Albora, has established a considerable presence in the space of a single year, and opened up new markets on Australia’s western coast.

It is no surprise that Asia-Pacific owners have focused their attention on Benetti’s new projects especially the Oasis 40M, and a remarkable 12 units of this glamorous yacht having been sold to date. Enrico Chiaussa the Area Manager for the Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa Area said, “For years Azimut Yachts has been leading the APAC market for range of 34-120-foot yachts.  Supported by a strong network of local dealers, the  Azimut brand  has been able to strengthen its position, and make sure that each customer feels valued and well looked after. We are especially proud of the results we have achieved this year, with sales being particularly positive in the 60 and 80ft range, that includes the Grande Collection is clearly a beloved yacht in Asia.”

“APAC continues to be a key market for Benetti” says, Peter Mahony, APAC GM of Benetti Yachts.  “We are pleased to see that our efforts to constantly innovate and improve on the quality of our products and processes, along with the hard work of our employees and local partners, has paid off in a year that has provided unique challenges. As we move into the new season, we remain optimistic that demand for our luxury yachts will continue to  grow, and that the new aggressive production schedule along with the new model introductions we have planned over the next 18 months, will further strengthen our position as an industry leader in this exclusive market sector.“








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