Azimut|Benetti: Group Achievements

Azimut|Benetti takes the opportunity provided by the launch of the new B.Yond 37M to report on its financial and market performance. Value of production for 2021/2022 reached the €1 billion mark, a +19% rise on the previous year. The Group's percentage growth in coming years is also guaranteed by an order book at an all-time high - over €2.5 billion - which covers production for the next three years.

These excellent results, synonymous with long-term economic and design solidity, consolidate Azimut|Benetti’s position as the world’s leading private Group in the luxury yacht industry and highlight its ability to anticipate trends and interpret the wishes of both existing owners and new customers.The breakdown of global orders is extremely well-balanced, with 32% in Europe, 38% in the Americas, 16% in APAC and 14% in MEA.

Buoyed by excellent results and positive signals from the market, Azimut|Benetti confirms its commitment to sustainability across the board and is planning major investments in coming years, with a focus not only on products, but also on industrial development, production sites, and local area training projects.

The total investment will be €130 million over the next four years, focused on the reduction of energy consumption through conversion to photovoltaic and geothermal technology, the development of production sites, the digitalization of industrial processes, personnel training and a general improvement in workers’ living conditions.

The Group’s ongoing commitment to research and innovation, and its close analysis of market trends, have also been rewarded by the acquisition of younger new customers who are taking their first steps in the yachting world and have a greater interest in contemporary lifestyles and closer contact with nature. The new-generation customer, who has an average age of about 55 for Benetti, dropping to 45 for Azimut, appreciates and seeks out technologically advanced and innovative products that have a sophisticated but pared-down design, are absolutely sustainable, and can guarantee owners and their inner circle a totally immersive experience in nature, without sacrificing style, comfort and performance.

“As a group, we have always made the effort to spark the interest of new customers who have little or no connection with boating, and we can report some excellent results over the years,” said Azimut|Benetti Group CEO Marco Valle, “but the significant change in habits and lifestyles recently seen at global level has definitely contributed to today’s results. We have been successful at foreseeing this change and at interpreting what new customers want, and we hope to continue on this course.”

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