Australia InDepth Episode 1

The first episode of the documentary series Australia InDepth has launched on Superyachts.com, providing viewers with an insight into one of the world’s most adventurous cruising destinations. The first Series of Australia InDepth covers the diverse yachting destinations throughout Australia, exploring an all-year-round destination for superyachts. Episode 1, ‘The Ultimate Charter Experience’, provides a holistic overview of the opportunities for superyachts in Australia, where the industry has been buoyed by the passing of new charter legislation in December 2019.

“Exploration, we want to bring that back into yachting,” says Joachim Howard, Managing Director of Ocean Alliance. With diverse experiences from city harbours to reef escapades and remote wilderness, Australia offers a perpetual superyacht playground. Hear from leading industry stakeholders, tourism experts, brokers, and captains on what makes Australia such an enticing prospect for yachts. Ingrained in the yachting spirit is a never-ending thirst for new experiences, and that is what Australia offers in abundance.

The voyage to Australia is certain laced with incentives for superyachts. “Australia is a year-round cruising destination,” explains Phillipa Harrison, Managing Director of Tourism Australia. “In the Southern Hemisphere winter, it’s all about the north. You can sail in the northeast, which is the Great Barrier Reef - one of the natural wonders of the world. On the northwest there is the Kimberley, which is a much more remote experience. In fact, a lot of the Kimberley is inaccessible by road, so going there on a yacht is the best way to get there.

The passing of new charter legislation in December 2019 brought Australia in line with many of the other yachting destinations in the Asia Pacific region. “We have been preparing for the growth of the industry,” says Superyacht Australia CEO, David Good. “We have been on the precipice of a huge explosion of yachts coming here to this part of the world.”

Rugged wilderness, captivating reefs, blissful islands, and vibrant cities. Australia is a country of infinite possibility. For superyachts, this translates into itineraries filled with thrilling activities and indulgent luxury. With such an incredible scope of opportunity, the country’s experts are on-hand to curate the perfect itinerary for your group.

Released on Superyachts.com throughout this year, Series 1 will then take our audience through the unique experiences accessible in Australia. From the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, to the remote adventure of the Kimberley and the luxury of Sydney Harbour, a new superyacht frontier has emerged. For owners and captains bringing a superyacht to Australia and the South Pacific, it important to know that the infrastructure and expertise is readily available to meet their requirements. Series 2 of Australia InDepth, which will be released concurrently to Series 1, delves into the world-class marina and shipyard facilities in Australia, preparing to welcome and service large international superyachts.We look forward to bringing you more episodes from Australia InDepth, with Series 1 Episode 2 ‘Great Reef Adventures’ to follow shortly.

Watch the first episode here.

By George Bains / www.superyachts.com

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