Asia-Pacific Superyacht Summit 2024

An exclusive distillation of beauty and innovation, Oasis 34M is the perfect answer for owners in search of a dynamic, less formal lifestyle and a thrilling experience on the water. Embracing the five key features that have made the Oasis Deck® concept such a success, this is a superyacht that promises limitless freedom, conviviality, and a uniquely informal lifestyle.

Oasis 34M is an intriguing superyacht that follows in the footsteps of her big sister Oasis 40M, the first in the series and a resounding global success. Oasis encapsulates all the assets that have helped write the history of the Benetti brand: a strong tradition kept constantly up to date, investment in research and development, new style codes, quality, and reliability. This highly innovative concept satisfies all the needs of contemporary owners who today more than ever choose to return to a life lived with emotion and engagement in close contact with the water.

Oasis 34M is the right answer for active, curious owners who want a dynamic, less formal lifestyle on board and are always on the lookout for an exciting adventure. Oasis 34M is an invitation to climb aboard and set sail towards the unique experience of an exclusive encounter with mother nature. More than just a boat, Oasis 34M is a whole lifestyle!

The exterior styling is again by British design studio RWD, a familiar name in international yacht design circles. And, once again, the interior design is by architects Bonetti/Kozerski, the prominent New York-based firm that has introduced influences on board derived from the architecture of sophisticated residential projects, featuring style solutions made famous by fine buildings such as the Pace Gallery in Manhattan and elegant private homes, as well as drawing on high-profile collaborations with starchitects of the calibre of Peter Marino. Bonetti/Kozerski have harmonised the spaces on board Oasis 34M, achieving a balance between interiors and exteriors and bringing the warmth and naturalness of outdoor teak indoors to create a calm and relaxing setting dominated by bleached Canaletto walnut.

Here too, it is the intersection of design excellence and the avant-garde that has generated the new model in the series, expressing a luxury as understated and unostentatious as it is richly detailed. Made of fibreglass, the yacht has three decks plus a generous sun deck. The silhouette features a vertical bow, from which sleek, modern, and elegant lines descend in a gentle gradient to water level and form a big pieds dans l’eau swim platform. For this sleek design, with its water-hugging stern, RWD has also drawn on stylistic hallmarks borrowed from car design, such as the silver-coloured trim that helps accentuate the taut lines.

The cornerstone on which the appeal of Oasis 34M is built is once again the spectacular Oasis Deck®. This extraordinary beach club, and the key driver behind the success of the yacht’s 40-meter big sister, is the yacht’s heart and soul. Oasis 34M boasts all the plus points of the Oasis Deck® solution, which are key to the success of Benetti’s range of the same name: the two extending wings increase the size of the deck, establishing closer contact with the water at the same time as providing protection from the waves, while the infinity pool incorporated in a prominent position on the deck leaves you breathless with its incredible view of the water. Owners and guests therefore have an uninterrupted 270-degree view towards the Oasis Deck®, including from the lounge on the main deck. The combination of sun and shade provides guests with somewhere to relax at any time of day. The social design defining the spaces from the main lounge to the water creates a unique oasis of conviviality that is an invitation to dive into an immersive experience with nature.

Close connection with the sea and nature is another focal point for the project, a feature achieved and masterfully showcased by the design team on every deck and in all outdoor areas. Every outdoor space is designed and developed to create a convivial atmosphere and offer exclusive panoramic views. The layout is open and flowing, featuring an elegant and understated style expressed by the selection of materials chosen to highlight visual continuity; the custom-designed furnishings take their inspiration from ocean waves and are joined by selected iconic pieces from top Italian design brands.

The design reveals the architects’ meticulous attention to detail, to how the materials are used and their positioning. The parquet on the main and upper decks is perfectly coordinated with the teak used outdoors, while the ivory-coloured leather decorating the ceilings is the perfect foil for the bleached walnut panels with a ribbed design on the vertical surfaces. Together they form a palette of understated colours that are light and bright but create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in every setting. This theme is also a powerful influence on the master suite, designed as an intimate cocoon-like space.

With excellent hull efficiency enhanced by the vertical bow, Oasis 34M has a top speed of 16 knots and, at an average cruising speed of 10 knots, a range of 2,700 nautical miles, or more than enough to complete a transatlantic crossing. The rationale is to provide customers with a highly reliable product that is designed to meet the real needs of life on board and maintains its beauty with passing time. For this reason, the greatest care is lavished on every detail, drawing on cutting-edge design and construction technology.

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