APSA New Member: Plus Marine

Plus Marine has 20+ years of experience and a strong inclination towards innovation in the production of dockside pedestals and marine related energy modules. Each year the company invests in research and development to ensure that their products are not just pleasing to the eye, but also highly functional. The company’s priority is to meet the needs of marinas, analysing critical issues, minimising costs, while maximising profits thanks to the perfect integration of the hardware and software products.

The “Made in Italy” design Pedestals feature high-quality materials with a product range of ‘Energy with Style’. Marina dockside pedestals that provide energy modules, fire-fighting modules and E-power and water metering modules can identify the user and apply a prepaid payment system. The SmartPlus Cloud software allows clients to view, monitor and control the e-power sockets in pre-paid or post-paid mode, remotely in the web environment, available online through any mobile device or desktop, equipped with web browser. Access to the cloud platform can be in “Administrator” or “User” mode. Plus Marine also produces EV-Charge pedestals both for electrical vehicles and boats, and pedestal accessories are also available.


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