APSA Guide 10th Anniversary Edition 2021

APSA is 10 years young, and the Asia-Pacific region is definitely on the superyacht map. First-time Asian buyers are taking the plunge, which means there are now more superyacht owners in the region. The combination of great cruising destinations, experienced yacht agents, and top-level refit and repair facilities will see more yachts heading this way.

APSA has an increasingly important play role to play in providing accurate and reliable information for captains and superyacht industry professionals. Working with the regional yachting associations, APSA will be able to push forward the superyacht agenda.

The 10th Anniversary issue has the has the usual features of members details, and destination information, but it also includes a brief history of APSA over the last 10 years. APSA now has a roll-call of 78 Members (of which 15 are Premium Members), 13 Affiliated Associations, 9 Official Partners, and 18 Yacht Members, making a total of 118. A digital version of this newsletter can also be found on the APSA website.

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