APSA at the Singapore Yacht Show 2017

It is still less than a month since the Singapore Yacht Show 2017 closed its doors for another year. This year’s show was a success for many it seems, and SYS yet again solidified its position as the premier yacht show in Asia.

APSA enjoyed its biggest presence so far at the Singapore Yacht Show, with its APSA Lounge, a large booth sponsored by a distinguished group of APSA members who were able to meet with client and showcase their products and services at the booth. In addition, we were able to enjoy a greater recognition of APSA and attract more membership to our growing Association aimed at promoting the business of yachting in Asia.

On behalf of the whole of APSA, I wish to thank the following companies for sponsoring the APSA Lounge and making this a successful Singapore Yacht Show for the Association:

Please be sure to check these companies out and what they do. Because of these great APSA members we had an excellent turnout and good networking. Sundowner Drinks parties were sponsored by Rosemont and by SYL Japan.

All in all, SYS 2017 was an excellent show for APSA and we will be doing it again (hopefully bigger and better) next year at SYS 2018. We already have sponsors signing up to join us on the APSA Lounge, and there is a limited amount of sponsor slots, so if you are interested in participating please get in touch with us sooner rather than later by contacting Radka at for more info.

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