APSA 11th AGM and Report 2021- 2022

APSA 11 AGM and Report 2021- 2022 

A brief APSA Report for the 2021 – 2022 period was presented at the 11th AGM by APSA’s Executive Director, Suzy Rayment. APSA’s 10th Anniversary year was a challenging one because of strict travel and covid regulations. Several initiatives were actioned to connect with members, as well as to give APSA a stronger presence within the global superyacht community. These initiatives proved successful, with APSA retaining most of its existing paid membership, and welcoming 12 new members. In 2022 APSA attended several international boat shows in Australia, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Monaco and the USA.

Activities and Projects initiated during 2021-2022:

1. APSA Grand Tour 2021 Series

This series of five webinars covered Oceania, East Asia, SE Asia, the South Pacific, and South Asia.

Twenty expert presenters gave talks that covered both the history of the Association and the Asia-Pacific cruising grounds in which APSA’s expertise lies. An audience of 300+ superyacht professionals and superyacht community members signed up for these presentations. The hour-long presentations were converted to 26 short YouTube videos, now available on the APSA YouTube channel, and linked for public viewing from the APSA website.

2. APSA Monthly Newsletters and EDMs

The APSA monthly newsletter was expanded to be twice-monthly, thereby doubling the output, and expanding the content from 10-15 stories a month to around 20-30. The result was more frequent correspondence among APSA members and a stronger APSA identity. Over 200 news stories were sent out over the year. APSA Members also had an option to send out individual EDMs to the membership database, with additional press releases being sent out promoting the APSA Grand Tour and APSA’s 10th Anniversary.

3. APSA AGMs 2021 and 2022

The APSA 10th AGM was held on 6 May 2021, and was both a live and online event. Members attended in person (5) and online (13) with apologies from several members (11). There being a quorum, the Chairman conducted the meeting and a presentation was given on APSA activities. The audited accounts for 2019 and 2020 were approved, the auditors were reappointed, a new Committee member (Gordon Fernandes) was appointed, and retiring Committee Members Joe Yuen and Evelyn Soon were thanked. 

The 2022 AGM was held on Tuesday 27 September in Monaco and was attended by nine members. There being a quorum the audited accounts for 2022 were approved. Thanks to the APSA members who were able to attended, and for the messages of apology from members who were not able to be there. Networking drinks followed the AGM until it was time for APSA’s signature Monaco event, the ‘Asia Superyacht Night’ 2022.

4. APSA Membership Database

The APSA Membership details have been continually updated, both in the online and print versions of the APSA Guide which was reprinted twice in 2021. The latest 2022 edition has been distributed at bothYS and FLIBS. The APSA MailChimp database continues to expand, and include members from the global superyacht community, allowing APSA to have a stronger presence globally.

5. APSA Website and social media

The APSA website was expanded to include the APSA Grand Tour Presentations and social media links for all APSA Members’ social media profiles on the Membership Directory. Social media postings are done on a weekly basis both on Facebook and LinkedIn, with a special social media campaign being conducted in September to promote APSA’s 10th Anniversary. The APSA website will be updated in the future to include a Members-Only section.

6. APSA 10th Anniversary History and Founder Member Interviews

A special 10th Anniversary history feature was included in the printed and online editions of the APSA Guide 2021, and the active Founder Members (10) were interviewed for the APSA monthly newsletters. The 2022 edition included a new Who’s Who section featuring the Founder Members and APSA Grand Tour 2021 Presenters.

7. APSA New Members in 2021–2022

Asia Pacific Boating, Cannan Oceanus, Global Yacht Services, and a returning member Sevenstar Yacht Transport (Hong Kong), Azure Yacht Crew Health (USA), Cook Islands Yacht Squadron, Maritime Cook Islands (Cook Islands), Executive Marine, SeedMarine Pty Ltd, Superyachts 153° (Australia), LJ Fiduciary (Isle of Man), and Marevisio (China).

8. APSA Affiliated Associations (Regional and International)

APSA’s Regional Affiliate Associations partnerships were expanded to include the Hong Kong Boating industry Association (HKBIA), Indian Marine Federation (IMF), Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia (AMIM), Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina 2022, Singapore Boating Industry Association (SBIA), Thai Yachting Business Association (TYBA), US Superyacht Association (USSA), The Water Revolution Foundation, and The Superyacht Life Foundation.

9. APSA Guide 2021

The APSA Guide (both print and online editions) was updated twice during 2021; first in May before the APSA AGM, and then in September when a printed edition of the APSA Guide was produced in Europe for distribution at METSTRADE. A second printing of the APSA Guide was done in Hong Kong for distribution at events in the Asia-Pacific region. The 10th Anniversary edition included an APSA history along with an expanded destination section making this special edition 192 pages instead of the usual 148 pages. The APSA Guide 2022 was updated in September 2022 and was distributed at the MYS, and FLIBS.

10. APSA Media and Publicity

Over the year APSA engaged with a number of industry media to promote the Association and the Asia-Pacific cruising grounds. Online and print articles have appeared in: Superyacht Group news, Charterworld.com, Asia Pacific Boating, Yachtstyle, Megayachtnews.com, Asia Yacht Press, Sail-World.com, Powerboat-World.com, MarineBusiness-World.com, Superyacht Australia, Marinescene.asia, and The World of Yachts.

11.Boat Shows, Conferences and Marina Visits

APSA attend the ASMEX 2022 Conference, Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and Marinas 22 Conference in May 2022, and the Sydney International Boat Show in July 2022.  APSA Guides were distributed at all four events. Visit to superyacht marinas and shipyards included: Rivergate Marina and Shipyard (Qld), and tours of three Sydney superyacht marinas: Sydney Superyacht Marina, Jones Cove Marina, and Birkenhead Point Marina.

12. APSA Monthly Committee Meetings

Monthly Committee meetings were conducted via Zoom, and a total of over 30 meetings were conducted during 2021 and 2022.

APSA Future Initiatives for 2022 – 2023 include:

  • Expand the APSA Yacht Membership, and include superyacht Owners and Captains.
  • Continue the APSA Grand Tour webinar series in 2023.
  • Update and promote the Professional Code of Conduct for APSA members.
  • Work with regional associations to gather superyacht statistics for the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Establish a database for superyacht regulations in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Lobby Government agencies to expand recognition of the Asia-Pacific superyacht Industry.
  • Promote the Asia-Pacific to the superyacht community as the world’s 3rd cruising destination.

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