April Newsletter Chairman’s Message 2020

“When everything changes, ADAPT!”

Life continues to be challenging, but restrictions are starting to lift in Asia where the incidence of COVID-19 has been low compared to Europe and the United States. During this time the Asian boating community has come together, and a number of companies should be congratulated for their community spirit and initiatives to provide food aid for local workers who were left destitute when the lockdowns and restrictions were introduced. Thanks to Asia Pacific Superyachts, Catalano Shipping Indonesia and Clearvac Engineering Asia, who have shared with us their initiatives within their local communities.

Thanks also go to existing APSA members who have renewed their memberships during this difficult time.  We are sorry to lose some members, but we do understand; we look forward to welcoming new APSA members in the coming months, and growing the Asia-Pacific Superyacht community both in numbers and strength.

It’s been hard to plan for the future, but the ‘Great Pause’ has been an opportunity to reflect and although there are events scheduled in the second half of the year, they are still to be confirmed. First off would be the Monaco Yacht Show (23-26 September 2020) if it goes ahead, but there are doubts. This would be followed by the rescheduled Singapore Yacht Show, planned for 15 -18 October, and then there is the new Hong Kong Yacht Show (18-22 November) at Kai Tak Runway Park, next to the Hong Kong Cruise Terminal. We will keep you updated on shows and events that are in the pipeline: just check the events section on the APSA website.

Digital communication is fast becoming increasingly important, and APSA is here to assist you in getting your message out to the superyacht community. The APSA website with its Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter connections means that your message now reaches even more readers and, in the future, we plan to add a YouTube link as well as a dedicated destination section in the near future.

The APSA Guide will also be going digital, and will be available online next month - printing and distribution are presently proving to be an issue. We hope to produce a print version later in the year, when there are more superyacht events and more distribution opportunities.

Finally, thanks to The Superyacht Life Foundation for allowing us to share their ‘Communication during COVID-19’ information; a number of you have commented on the value of this online publication. Sharing resources and respect for the environment has been an important lesson for all of us during these uncertain times. There’s a lot of good in the superyachting community, and by focusing on the people we can weather the storm and come out stronger!

Stay healthy and stay safe!  

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