Access to the Great Barrier Reef open to vessels over 35 metres with 21 New Anchorages

Superyacht Australia (SA) is excited to report that the reform of the Whitsundays Plan of Management in order to facilitate greater access for vessels over 35 metres in length has finally come through. Recently the Australian government opened up the iconic Great Barrier Reef to Superyachts with 21 new anchorages.

Marine Tourism is a significant part of the Australian economy and a growing contributor to Australia’s tourism offering. Superyacht Australia has been lobbying for the past 9 years to allow superyachts greater than 35 metres to be able to cruise and anchor in key spots within the Great Barrier Reef (GBR).

The new amendments have created 21 superyacht anchorages for superyachts less than 70m throughout the Whitsunday Planning Area. Australia has some of the most spectacular cruising destinations and attractions in the world, and about 70 per cent of all international visitor’s report enjoying coastal experiences as part of their trip. This is fantastic news for the future of the superyacht sector in Australia.

By Superyacht Australia

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