Burgess Solidifies Its Position as Industry Leader

A recently published industry report has highlighted Burgess as the leading brokerage firm following the four most significant sales of 2019 to date. Whilst the year so far has seen an industry wide decline in the number of yachts sold, these significant sales have ensured that the overall value of the yachts transacted actually exceeds that of 2018 - thanks solely to Burgess.

The report written by The Superyacht Group highlighted CLOUD 9, EXCELLENCE V and ARETI along with the high-profile judicial sale of EQUANIMITY, handled by the Malaysian Government and supported by Burgess. These four major sales alone, achieved in the first six months of this year, equate to EUR 440,424,140* which has contributed to the overall value for the whole industry in transacted superyacht sales increasing by 64% year-on-year.

Burgess has sold 17 yachts to date in 2019 including three in-house confidential yachts (90m/70m/60m) totalling in excess of EUR 680,000,000*. When compared to 2018 where 13 yachts were sold in the same time period, it demonstrates that Burgess is enjoying further gains in market share and on target for another billion-dollar year.

The news comes following the announcement of a new partnership scheme within Burgess, and the opening of its 14thoffice located in Sydney, Australia.‎

The message from Burgess CEO Jonathan Beckett is one of positivity and growth as we move into the second half of 2019. 

“At the end of 2018 I said, ‘Burgess has only just reached the start line’, and here we are today looking at the most successful first half year of sales (and also charter), a new partnership scheme aimed at championing our top employees and two new offices: Sydney and Phuket. I am very excited, and proud of the team here at Burgess.” 

*Based on last published asking price

In order to highlight the impact that the sales have had on the market’s overall statistics, an additional column has been added to the graph that highlights what the market’s performance looks like without Burgess’ four major sales.

Statistics provided by The Superyacht Group

By Burgess (Asia)

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