Lateral Naval Architects to speak at ASIA Pacific Superyacht Conference

Matteo Magherini, Business Development Coordinator at Lateral Naval Architects will be talking at the ASIA Pacific Superyacht Conference on the 10th April during Singapore Yacht Show, for the topic ‘Enhancing the Owner’s Journey – Current Trends of the Superyacht Market from a Technical Perspective’.

Speaking about the influence in the Superyacht market and current trends in design and technology, Matteo will share his expertise and thoughts on what aspects we can identify to define each owner’s perfect journey.

“The owner’s journey could be compared to conducting an opera, where the various experts blend and complement

their skills in pursuit of the most exceptional melody. However, who should have the honour of directing such a

magnificent composition? It will vary for each owner and, ultimately, it should not matter because direction without the full range of performers will never succeed in delivering the owner’s finest melody – the owner’s perfect journey.”

To find out more about Matteo Magherini, please visit our website: https://www.lateral.engineering/team/people/matteo-magherini/

Or get in touch at ask@lateral.engineering

By Lateral Naval Architects

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