Langkawi’s growing popularity as a ‘Superyacht Hub’

The largest island in an archipelago of 100 islands in the Andaman Sea and this South East Asia destination, located off the mainland coast of Malaysia, is growing more popular.

A number of visiting superyachts are making their way to Langkawi as word spreads of the appeal of this Duty-Free island and its nearby cruising options and protected anchorages. Highly recommended is the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, with its marina located in large sweeping bay in Kuah. With over 200 berths and full sailing facilities the marina’s close proximity to the town centre provides excellent access to duty-free shops and other business-class facilities. The berths can fit mega-yachts up to 60 meters (197 feet) long, and has a low tide depth of 3 meters (almost 10 feet).

Asia Pacific Superyachts co-founder, Captain Scott Walker, knows the area well and has been working with superyachts and vessels between Langkawi and Singapore for three decades. He believes Kuah Bay is developing into Asia’s most perfect natural harbour and that Langkawi could become the ‘Monaco of the Far East’, “Superyacht visitors come to cruise the islands and beaches, trek through wildlife-filled rainforests and take advantage of excellent Duty-Free shopping while berthed at the marina, where their vessel will receive excellent service and fresh provisions”. 

Langkawi is also known for its wonderful wildlife population and was named one of the ‘World’s Greatest Places’ by Time Magazine. A nature specialist described how, “You might see colugos and giant geckos with bats in the background flying over the river. Flying squirrels can be seen leaping off tall trees which are home to hornbills, along with Asian fairy blue birds, crimson sun birds and possibly white-bellied sea eagles”.

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