Expat Marine Secures Employee Compensation Insurance for yacht crew in Hong Kong

Hong Kong law requires all yachts with the Hong Kong flag or licenced in Hong Kong to carry Employee Compensation Insurance for any paid crew. Superyachts usually carry separate P&I insurance and this is catered for within this cover but if yachts retain the liability cover within the Hull and Machinery insurances this is an area usually specifically excluded. Expat Marine has secured the availability of this cover from approved insurers in Hong Kong and is able to help yachts that require it.

Many yacht owners arrange cover for their crew through corporate programmes they are associated with though often are not advised that these employees are actually boat crew. In the event of a claim this can lead to insurers denying cover as it can be considered a Material Fact which had not been disclosed. Also, marine work is often specifically excluded from normal EC cover.

In other cases crew are employed as a domestic helper, with cover arranged accordingly. This is not legal practice and can have far reaching effects for the employer, including the denial of any claim 

Please contact Colin Dawson at for further details or this and other yacht insurance programmes.

By Expat Marine

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