Cruising incredible Indonesia!

If you like blue skies and warm days, December/January is one of the best times to visit Bali.

Indonesia offers some great holiday cruising, reports Capt Jimmy Blee, heading up Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia: “Asia Pacific Superyachts is looking at a busy Christmas client program with boats in four differing cruising locations in the country. The most adventurous of these cruises is called the Forgotten Islands and the Banda group trip and I’ll be on board for the four-week trip”.

The Banda islands in the very south of Maluku lie in the remote and hard-to-reach Spice Islands. In wide-spread Indonesia of more than 15,000 islands, this little archipelago is one of the most incredible to be found and is not a popular destination due to its isolated location.

The exotic Spice Islands has been visited many times by Captain Jimmy, who reports, “In addition to marvelling at its abundance of marine life and incredible topside scenery, you can relax on peaceful, secluded beaches and seek out indigenous handicrafts and ancient art.” As for its remoteness, he notes: “You might not see another boat for days, if not the whole trip, particularly if you’re not hitting the main dive spots.”

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