Hong Kong-based and long-time member CHEURAM Consulting Group strongly supports Passion Sea, the established non-profit organization based in Monaco. While it is apparent that the oceans and the water face an ever-increasing challenge to be free from plastic and waste, most efforts focus on arranging and improving cleaning efforts in coastal areas and on the high seas, as well as increased awareness among governments and consumers on restricting the use of plastic. Passion Sea´s activities, however, begin much earlier to make sure that pollution will not happen, in the first place.

CHEURAM founder and attorney Henning Schwarzkopf was fascinated when he met Helga Piaget of Monaco and learnt of her dedication and world-wide success as CEO of Passion Sea. Based on Nelson Madela´s conclusion that “education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”, Ms. Piaget and her organization focus on children and students in many countries to teach them the importance of water and the sea for their own and the plant´s health through creativity. As adults they will continue being aware of the importance of a clean environment and will make sure that it will stay that way. International celebrities support Passion Sea in various ways and ensure that the children´s efforts will be heard and recognized.

Henning Schwarzkopf, the only maritime lawyer admitted both in Germany and the South of France will with his Hong Kong-based CHEURAM company continue to help Passion Sea gain an even stronger presence in Europe and Asia for the benefit of our rivers, lakes and oceans and our children to enjoy them as much as we do. As an APSA member he hopes that, particularly, captains and crews cruising in Asian waters will spread the word for this excellent cause.

For more information and support, contact Henning at or visit Passion Sea´s website

By CHEURAM Consulting Group

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