APSA New Member Catalano Shipping Services

Catalano Shipping Indonesia is the newest office of the ‘AGents by Catalano’ Group from the Mediterranean which includes ‘Catalano Shipping’ in Monaco and ‘Pesto Sea’ among others. They are the first multi-national yacht agency to open in Indonesia, and Richard Lofthouse has come on board as the Managing Director.

Lofthouse is no stranger to Indonesia, having arrived in 2008. “I got tasked with opening a superyacht agency based in Bali, and it seemed like an interesting challenge, so I jumped in. Since then I have brought over 400 superyachts into Indonesia, and was the first to bring big boats into the majority of Indonesian ports. I had no blueprint to follow… Instead, I just had to figure it all out and in many ways I am still doing just that. However, I do feel that I have helped to put Indonesia on the map as one of the greatest cruising destinations on the planet, and I'm extremely proud to have played a role in doing that. I believes that Captains and Yacht Owners want to come east, and they want to know who they can trust for their shore support."  Lofthouse comments, “it’s both an exciting and challenging time right now; however, I am running the company I have always dreamed about in a place that I love. Can't really do better than that!”

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